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Frequently Asked Questions About The Guide

Q. iTunes is about downloading digital music. Why can't I download the guide?
A. We don't have any plans to offer the guide via online delivery yet. On the bright side, the printed version you receive still stays on after your computer is turned off.

Q. What are your qualifications for writing this guide?
A. Simon Higgs has over 13 years experience in online music distribution, including authoring the first serious article in the music press for Keyboard magazine in 1993. He also started distributing promotional audio and Quicktime video clips online in 1993, in addition to writing about electronic press kits in the music press. Higgs Communications has label accounts with several major online music stores, including the iTunes Music Store and is actively involved in submitting content to the iTunes Music Store.

Q. I don't like Paypal. Why are you using it? Are you nuts?
A. Yes, we're nuts! Seriously, Paypal is simple and convenient for getting orders out (in 48hrs or less) without killing ourselves with some ungodly hairy shopping cart system. And we know all about big hairy ungodly shopping carts. Besides, you can always buy the guide from Amazon.com or have your local book store order it (but it *WILL* take longer to receive that way).

Q. Do you have an affiliate program?
A. Not directly. If you sign up as an Amazon.com Associate, you will be able to get commissions from Amazon.com by selling the guide on your web site.

Q. What is "Online Delivery"?
A. When the digital version is ready, it will be delivered to you via either direct download or email. It's not currently available so don't waste your time asking.

Q. Why are you charging for this information?
A. We are huge fans of the GPL and open source, but this guide shows you how to start earning money from your copyrighted music through the iTunes Music Store. The author of the guide earns a living by creating copyrighted works too.

Q. How soon will my order ship out?
A. Almost immediately. We have been known to ship orders within an hour of receiving them although the majority of orders ship out the next business day. See below.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?
A. Taking into consideration all the factors outside our control such as war, plague, acts of God and the United States Postal Service, it should take about a hundred years. It also means we can ensure delivery to you approx. 99.9 years early. We also realize that if your order doesn't arrive within a hundred years, you probably won't care anymore because you'll either be dead or you'll be drooling on the carpet of a nursing home.

Having said that, all US orders are shipped out via USPS Priority Mail which should arrive by the 4th business day after it is shipped (so they tell us). The "clock" starts running when we receive funds from Paypal. This normally happens immediately when paying using Paypal funds or a credit card.

The majority of international orders are shipped out via USPS Global Priority Mail which should take up to 7 business days. However, certain countries don't support Global Priority Mail, so expect international orders to take 3-4 weeks to arrive (most will arrive sooner).

Q. So why does it take so long when I pay using eCheck?
A. When you pay via eCheck it takes a minimum of 5 business days (depending on your bank) from the time that you place the order to when we receive the cleared funds from Paypal. During that time Paypal and your bank do this very strange, but extremely popular dance, which verifies that you do have the money in your bank account to cover the eCheck and eventually that money moves ever-so-slowly into our Paypal account. Also, while all that happens, Paypal do not allow us to ship anything to you until your eCheck clears.

Q. What was that again in English?
A. Delivery is about a week for US orders and up to four (4) weeks for international orders from the time we receive payment. Unless, of course, it's any kind of weekend or holiday, and then we won't ship any guides out until we come back.


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