The archive is where you can find information on previous projects, articles, or just interesting information that we have released in one way or another.  

Published Works

  • The Guide To Selling Your Music In The iTunes Music Store  
    The original definitive guide to selling your music in the iTunes Music Store and earning income from music downloads.
  • Articles  
    Magazine articles written by Simon Higgs. Topics including music downloading and electronic press kits.
  • Internet Drafts  
    A selection of Internet Drafts published for the consideration of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Contains a few controversial ideas including the expansion of new top level domains and the handling of multiple internet "roots".


Case Studies

  • Marshall Industries  
    How to build a web site in 1994 and sell it for US$762 million in 1999. It also helps if you're the 5th largest semiconductor distributor in the US.
  • Viacom @ Electronic Cafe  
    An amazing interactive television experiment in November 1993 of live performers participating together from locations thousands of miles apart.
  • Jimmy Page's Signature Les Paul  
    A little piece of history from Gibson Guitar's West Coast Custom Shop in 1991.



  • Bruce Lehman   
    1994 interview with the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce, and Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks covering online copyright issues and one of the earliest domain name disputes.

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