Prototypes & Customization

Joe Bourdet with the Snake In The Grass 5W custom

Higgs Engineering & Studio Research often undertakes prototype builds, and custom bespoke projects like this one of a kind 5W guitar amplifier, expertly modeled by the great Joe Bourdet (note: Joe does not endorse our amps). We call this one the "Snake In The Grass" amp. The amp is made internally to a similar spec as the 5W Gold and 5W Silver amps that we made for the 2012 NAMM show. 

Simon Higgs was hired by Kanda Shokai Corp to work at the Zemaitis Guitars booth at NAMM in 2008, and this is where the Snake In The Grass 5W guitar amplifier was first showcased. Unofficially described as the "ugliest amp at NAMM", it brought a different sensibilty to the show, and our informal research discovered that it attracted more wives than it did husbands.

18 Watt Custom Lite head and cabinet

This 18 Watt Custom Lite uses the Baby Will PCB that we sell over on Guitar Amplifier PCBs. It's one that we kept, and is regularly used by Simon Higgs. The cabinet houses a custom made Weber Alnico speaker.

The rear panel of the 18 Watt Custom LiteThis is the rear panel of the 18 Watt Custom Lite.

18 Watt Custom Lite at the 2009 NAMM Show

An early version of the 18 Watt Custom Lite showcased at the 2009 NAMM Show.